Five steps to market mastery with Mendham Creative!

Looking for a digital marketing strategy that delivers real results for your business?

Need expert help creating a professional web presence that reflects your brand?

Want to take your business marketing to the next level? Mendham Creative can help!

Our innovative five step business marketing strategy is designed specifically to promote your organization. Each campaign is tailored to your needs, audience and industry. It is continuously monitored and refined to ensure great results and will offer a steady return on investment, regardless of scope.

Having a business website is only the beginning. Only through constant development can it achieve success!

Five steps to marketing success

Each step in our five step business marketing strategy is designed to complement each other and drive your business forward. It is a continuous program of content delivery, interaction and measurement that learns and improves as it matures.

1. Responsive website design

The internet is the first place we look when searching for products, services or suppliers. Any business who wants to survive needs to be found, which is where a professional website comes in.

A strong web presence is just the beginning. Nobody is going to beat a path to your door just because you’re there. You have to grab the attention of your audience and hold it.

Mendham Creative are experts in developing responsive websites that speak to your audience.

2. Fresh and engaging content

Without a constant stream of fresh and interesting content, your website is dead in the water. You have to give both visitors and the search engine reasons to keep coming back for more. That can only be achieved with a constant flow of quality content. A frequently updated website improves SEO, audience engagement, helps build authority and keeps your visitors informed.

Google loves fresh content and will reward you accordingly in the search engine results page (SERPS). Your audience also loves fresh content because it keeps them informed and entertained. You need frequent updates to share on social media too.

Mendham Creative creates and publishes fresh, engaging content on a schedule to suit you.

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3. Social media interaction

Social media is huge and you ignore it at your peril. With users counted in the billions, Facebook and Twitter alone make investing time and effort on these networks worthwhile. Engaging on the other social networks just adds to the appeal.

It isn’t just about sharing content though. You can engage on social media, talk to your audience, answer their questions, join in the debates. Social networks are two-way streets. The more you put in, the more you get out.

We can create profiles, build a following and promote your business on all popular social networks.

4. Creative Emarketing

Emarketing is fast, effective and measurable. Using iContact, we can create a sustained marketing campaign to promote your business. From newsletters to product launches, offers to events, email can reach places other marketing cannot reach.

Opt-in recipients are always more receptive to marketing messages. Offer value in return for action and they will respond.

Mendham Creative can create, send and measure innovative Emarketing campaigns that deliver results.

5. Localized SEO

Local search can be a huge influence over how many people find you. Being listed locally as well as nationally helps build brand awareness and leverage those customers who like keeping things close. Support for local businesses has never been stronger, local SEO helps you take advantage of that.

A targeted local SEO promotion campaign ensures you’re in all the popular local business listings.

Mendham Creative deliver results-driven SEO services for businesses of all sizes.

Your enterprise will literally live or die by the success of your marketing. Can you afford to get it wrong?

Let Mendham Creative market your business, contact us today to learn more!

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Mendham Creative has given our practice a fresh new look and brand! The SEO they provide has driven more traffic to our Website than we have seen in years!
Steve is knowledgable, creative and responsive; and all this at an excellent value! Thanks Steve for everything you do.

Dr. Derek FineOwner

Polished. Eye Catching. Unique. All words that characterize any web site designed by Steve at Mendham Creative Studio. In our world in which social medial and the internet reign supreme, your web site needs to stand above the rest if your business is to succeed. Mendham Creative Studio can accomplish this for you hands down. I highly recommend Steve and Mendham Creative Studio. I couldn’t be more pleased. I have received nothing but positive feedback regarding my web site.

Nina Paonessa, D.O., FACOSOwner

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